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Edgbaston, Birmingham

The Memorials at St. Augustine's Church

There are many memorials in St. Augustine's Church, placed in memory of loved ones now departed.
May they rest in peace and rise in glory!

The Internal Memorials

The War Memorial

A Faculty Petition was submitted by The Rev Rosslyn Bruce on 13th May 1921 in which it was proposed that "a war memorial in the form of a column in Portland stone" be erected. The subsequent memorial, paid for by subscriptions from parishioners, was scuplted by J. H. Morcom. (Click to read more about the sculptor and the faculty process).

In 2015, Historic England confirmed that the monument had been added to the Statutory List at Grade II on the basis of Historic, Architectural and Sculptural value, as well as Group value alongside the church itself.

The memorial lists all those men from the parish who were lost in the conflict 1914-1918 and subsequently had those men added who died in the Second World War.

You can discover more about each of the men listed on our War Memorial by reading a guide. We thank Richard Warby for the collation of this document, acknowledging quotations from two published works, "Birmingham Pals" by Terry Carter and "The Worcestershire Regiment in the Great War" by H. FitzM. Stacke.

The form of the memorial is tapering block of stone, on a wider base and kerb to the fore is the incription...


and on each of the other three sides are the lists of the fallen. At the top of the memorial, above each of the four sides, is a victory wreath of laurel, which in turn is surmounted by 4 female figures in flowing gowns, united as one, by clasping 4 further laurel wreaths, at each corner of the memorial. The whole ensemble is topped by a stone representation of the eternal flame, keeping alive the memory of these departed who made the ultimate sacrifice


There is also a 'Roll of Honour' sited within the church, listing the names of those who lost their lives in both world wars.

Roll of Honour - Click for a larger image

The Roll of Honour: 1914 - 1918

  • Walter George Partridge
  • George Patterson
  • Charles Thornhill Pearson
  • Frank Justice Phillips
  • Richard Hill Phillips
  • Wilfred Walter Pollard
  • Howard Ernest Pursall
  • Thomas Frederick Proctor Sanders
  • John William Shorter
  • George Barker Smith
  • Harold Frederick Snape
  • Thomas Gordon Speake
  • Archibald Lionel Spiers
  • Norman Kingsley Street
  • William Ernest Stubbs
  • Thomas Kemp Tabberner
  • Harry Taylor
  • Maurice Cecil Thompson
  • Horace George Turner
  • William Lang Vince
  • Albert Edwin Wade
  • Baron Watkins
  • Charles Henry Watkins
  • James Weatherhead
  • Thomas Henry Wells
  • Nathaniel Edward Whittaker
  • Ernest Abrook
  • Ralph Adams
  • Stanley Owen Allday
  • Ralph Amos
  • David William Arnott
  • Linnaeus James Bailey
  • Leon Victor Barnes
  • Thomas Kenneth Barnsley
  • Arthur James Beddard
  • Walter Stanley Bell
  • Philip Dennis Bennett
  • William Best
  • John Donald Burgess
  • Archibald Stanley Butler
  • Horace Townshend Clare
  • George Frederick Cottrell
  • Harold William Cottrell
  • Gerald Edgcumbe Crichton
  • Ronald Crichton
  • John Drummond Crichton
  • Harold Cutler
  • Reginald Cutler
  • Reginald Blythe Day
  • Joseph Leslie Dent
  • Cecil John Deykin
  • Norman Oliver Dingley
  • Percy Groves Dingley
  • Robert Walter Laurence Edginton
  • Reginald Howard Edwards
  • Alfred George Fawdry
  • Beaumont Edmund Gammell
  • William Wybrow Hallwright
  • Edward Rainsford Harrison
  • Phillip Ralph Heaton
  • John Othie Holroyd
  • Wilfred Hugh Holroyd
  • Howard Humphreys
  • Frank Jonas
  • Douglas Grainger Jones
  • Evelyn Joseph
  • James Gordon Keay
  • Rudolph R Lawrence
  • Arthur W E Long
  • Douglas Gordon Lunt
  • Isidore D Marks
  • Clarence Eric Marsh
  • Gerald Patrick Martin
  • Hugh Spencer Mathews
  • Harold Frederick Mills
  • Harold Thomas Oliver
  • Fred Oliver
  • Thomas Leonard Parkes

The Roll of Honour: 1939 - 1945

  • Geoffrey Wyndham Pain
  • Gordon Francis Alan Gordon-Potts
  • John Rupert Rogers
  • Robert Carlton Beaman
  • Hugh Macpherson Bulpitt
  • Derek Michael Coultas
  • Richard Norman Aitken Dingley
  • Michael Stuart Potts
  • George Douglas Savage
  • Malcolm Rex Hathaway
  • Charles Alan Pain

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