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Mission Work

At St. Augustine's Church we gladly work to meet our christian responsibilities to the wider world, helping the less fortunate and those in need. View the latest updates and prayer requests from our Latin Mission Partners in North Argentina, Rene and Marina Pereira.

December 2014

Dear John and Valerie,

Thank you for your greetings and for all the support we have received from you. May you enjoy this Christmas in peace and with your family and may the New Year which is about to begin bring to reality all your wishes for yourselves, your family and also for your church. May God bless all your plans.

I also want to tell you that because of an economic crisis affecting our diocese, from the end of this year (2014), I will no longer be part of the diocesan staff, so I shall have to look for another way of supporting my family economically. For the moment I think I will move to the city of Salta where Marcos and Sarai are studying, and Marina will have to stay here in Juarez to continue her work in the school.

Many thanks for your support over all this long time, which has been a real blessing for our ministry and for all the family. May God bless the whole congregation of St Augustine's church; please give our greetings and our most sincere gratitude to everyone.

With much love in the Lord.

René y Marina

June 2014

Dear friends,

We are writing once again to send you news of our life and ministry, with thanks for your unconditional support and prayers.

Family: We had a sudden scare with Marina recently, when she seemed to be having a repetition of the health problem she suffered some years ago. Her breathing was difficult and she had strong pains in her lungs, which meant an urgent trip to Salta see the doctor who had treated her previously. We thank God that by his miraculous intervention Marina was feeling better in just two days and all her tests came out clear. She is now feeling very well and is working normally in her role at school. We give thanks to the Lord for his healing work in Marina.

Our children Saraí and Marcos continue their education in Salta. Marcos is in his first year training to be a Maths teacher and Sarai is at university studying for her degree in chartered accountancy. We give thanks that they are doing well in all aspects of their lives. Marina and I do miss them very much though, and the house feels so much emptier without them around. Please pray that we might keep in touch with the children well and that he will be very close to them.

Ministry: Another important issue and prayer need is the current financial situation in the Diocese. This has meant cancelling the Leaders Training Course planned for May. This would have been 12 days intensive training for some 70 new leaders from the indigenous congregations. We hope to be able to run the course in September. Please pray that with the Lord's provision it will be possible.

For the same reason, we are not sure whether the Youth Camp planned for 8 to 12 July in Misión Chaquena will take place.

However, we are holding the youth camp at the Spanish-speaking Church in Juarez from 16 to 19 July. This is an annual event for young people from the local churches and surrounding areas, with others invited from further afield, including Buenos Aires and Tucumán. We would ask you to pray that this camp will be a great blessing to everyone taking part.

We thank God that in spite of the financial situation we were able to go ahead with a youth gathering at Easter at the church in Barrio Obrero in Juaréz. Many came from the different communities in Salta, Chaco and Formosa and it was a wonderful time of biblical reflection and enjoying our relationship as brethren and sons of the Lord Jesus. The motto of the event was 'Jesus lives and reigns forever.'

Please pray for the leaders in our planning and preparation and for the youngsters attending the training courses planned in the following places during June and August: June: Pozo del Tigre, Formosa, Tartagal, Chaco, Vaca Perdida, Tobas , Mision la Paz, Salta. August: El Potrillo

We ask you to pray for unity in the indigenous churches. For different reasons, there can sometimes be a spirit of division in some places, and we ask the Lord to work in these situations and to bring his peace and love to bear.

Thank you for your prayers and unconditional support for us and for the work here in Northern Argentina. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you all most abundantly.

Greetings to all

René Pereira

July 2011

News and Prayer Requests from Latin Partners René and Marina Pereira in Northern Argentina

Dear friends,

We send you greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. Our recent news is that we have just completed a leaders' training course in the Chaco Province of Nueva Pompeya. I arrived home at the weekend, and left the day after for Salta.

Please pray for the following:

The Youth Camp in Ingeneiro Juarez starts on Tuesday 12 and ends on Saturday 16 July. We are expecting young people from Salta, some from Formosa and many from the local church in Ing. Juarez.

We are also inviting non-Christian young people, friends of our church members, to make contact with them and share the Gospel. Please pray for them to understand and become interested in knowing more.

Our own youngsters are very enthusiastic about the camp, and we have invited a pastor from Salta and two speakers from the city of Rosario to share the teaching. Please pray for the good news to be taught clearly to all those attending.

The Celebration of the Centenary of the Anglican Church in Northern Argentina takes place in San Andres (Potrillo)from 15 to 17 July. San Andres is one of the places where the work started. Many folk from the churches in the whole area and some from more distant places will be coming, including people from Santa Teresa and even from Mision La Paz in Salta Province.

Celebrations are also being held from 29 to 31 July in the Santa Teresa area. During August we are planning three different celebrations of this important anniversary in places including Bazan (5-7), Alto de la Sierra (19-21)and Rivadavia Banda Sur (26-28).

We ask for your prayers for these events as they involve a lot of travelling for people with the risk of accidents. Please ask for safety and for everything to go well. These celebrations are really encouraging for everyone - we not only look back with joy and encouragement to our beginnings, but also forward with hope to the future. We have many challenges to face, both for older people but also for our youngsters. Many of us remember, with tears in our eyes, the beginning of mission work the different places.

That's all for the moment - I will write to tell you about the Youth Camp and the other events taking place in celebration of our Centenary.

With greetings to all and that God will continue to bless you abundantly.

René Pereira

August 2010

Prayer update from Latin Partner Rene Pereira - Juarez, Diocese of Northern Argentina

Dear friends,

We are looking forward to visiting many of you when we come to England in October and wanted you let you have this brief note about my recent and forthcoming activities.

The two weeks of youth camps has just finished. The first was held in Ingeniero Juárez from 12 to July 17 and the second in Misión Chaquena from 19 to 24 July.

We all experienced a time of great blessing at both camps. The one in Juarez took place in the Criollo church, where 57 young people met together in all, including some non-Christians invited by their friends. At Misión Chaquena there were 70 youngsters from eight different indigenous churches.

Give thanks to God for the blessings we received during the camps and pray for the young people present.

I'm now preparing for the new pastor training intensive course in Juárez which runs from 16 to 28 August. We are expecting some 70 pastors from 40 different churches to attend.

Please pray for the preparation, teaching and good outcome of the course.

Thank you again for your continued prayer and support.

Wishing you God's abundant blessings,


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